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Anna hisbbuR

Now You See Me

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【Pre-order】Anna hisbbuR -Now You See Me

Artist: Anna hisbbuR
Album: Now You See Me
Released by: Findme Records
Manufactured by: Findme Records
Released: 20 June 2022

此為預購品,將於 20/6 起開始發貨。


Side A

  1. Who am I? Why am I here
  2. I don't wanna leave
  3. Now you see me
  4. Detox
  5. X
  6. You don't love yourself (feat. 2NAUGHTYY)
  7. On my way Home (feat. Novel Friday, DIZIWASTRIPPY)
  8. Don't cry

Side B

  2. Someday my prince will come (feat. CHANKA)
  3. Flowers
  4. XIII
  5. Medusa (prod, By MAEL)
  6. idontwannathinkaboutyou (prod. By MAEL)
  7. Dancing cus it's raining (feat. Jan Curious)
  8. I know the weekend is great but what about the weekdays

Listen Someday my prince will come (feat. CHANKA):