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A1 Apart, so
A2 I can't be you
A3 Fallen Angel
A4 I think I'm sick

B1 Apart, so (instrumental)
B2 I can't be you (instrumental)
B3 Fallen Angel (instrumental)
B4 I think I'm sick (instrumental)


EP “I” - The first installment of “Now I See You”, a multi-media project expected with more upcoming releases, all of which are directed and written by Anna hisbbuR.

The whole project emphasizes much on its visual core, portraying a story inspired by Anna's personal experience in the style of psychological thriller and Sci-fi movie.

"Now I See You" explores Anna's feeling of incorporeal disconnection with the outside world since she was young, as well as her coming-of-age struggles. In the first EP “I”, Anna switches between a monster and herself uncontrollably. She refuses help and travels to the outer space as a self-abandoned exile but ended up being trapped in another dimension.

As per usual, all music from "I" are composed, arranged, produced and written by Anna hisbbuR alone. Unlike Anna’s past releases which are mostly songs on the chill and lo-fi spectrum, this EP includes more diverse elements especially synth and electronic sounds to add in more layers to create a fuller experience. Keeping her most notable and iconic features, Anna chose to arrange with simplicity and a narrative-like singing style.

Moreover, to make the whole project more unique and special, Anna directed, edited and even did 3D/VFX/CGI for all of her music videos in this project starting from “I can’t be you”. Living in the new era of short-form content, Anna understands the challenge of producing creative works that leans a lot on artistic and abstract style of expression, which might come across as less appealing to the public. However, that does not stop Anna from wanting to create art that is unique, timeless and relatable to others. She wants to connect people through the project as she believes everyone shares similar inner struggle and vulnerabilities that are yet to be discovered.

As EP "I" marks the start of the project, upcoming songs and visual content are in the planning. More updates will be released across all online and music platforms.


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